Birth of Quality

Sarhan Industries Company (SIC) is a family led business established in 1992. Using the first production line in 1994, we were able to start providing high quality Masterbatch to the Egyptian market.  Being highly committed to delivering superior quality and outstanding service, SIC bloomed in terms of production capacity and quality assurance. This was the starting path towards supplying a wide range of coloring and additive solutions that satisfy all the needs of plastic and fiber industries not only in Egypt, but also throughout the Middle East. After gaining the state-of-the-art expertise in coloring techniques, we successfully launched the production of Polypropylene Fibers. At present, we are considered the leading producer of high quality Masterbatch, additives and Polypropylene Fibers in the Middle East.

Ongoing Steps Tward Maturity

SIC always strives for the acquisition of new technologies. Therefore, we expect bigger production ranges, high quality products and global market share.
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